Transforming stories into audio experiences.

Klangkantine Audiobooks offers full service in the production of audio books and audio plays. We offer reliable, fast and easy productions – and provide support beyond recording, too.

Creating great audio books – professionally and with ease.

When creating audio books and audio dramas, we can draw on more than a decade of experience and a perfectly aligned infrastructure. Whether self-publisher, publisher or company: Our team of experienced audio experts, voice directors and audiobook professionals assists every project from the get-go. Addionally, we offer support in and advise on sales and marketing.


No matter what timbre, age, budget or dialect – we have the right voice for you.

Curated selection of over 300 experienced audio book voices from newcomer to professional. We match the right voice to every project and budget.

Editing + Full Service

Extensive editorial support, conception and adaptation

To realize the full potential of the audio format, we proactively review scripts for audio compatibility, provide advice. We love tackling complex projects and provide editorial support, script adaptation and proofreading services.

Sales + Marketing

Digital distribution and marketing expertise based on tailored advice

We deliver your production to Audible, Spotify, Thalia and over 80 other stores. We are happy to guide you through the process, reduce buerocratic waste and advise on marketing. And: You keep all rights and 95% of the revenue.

Simple voice casting

No more endless scrolling for the perfect voice: Simple and clear voice casting.

Based on customer wishes, we developed a clearly arranged casting interface with a selection of suitable, available voices. In addition, our large voice pool can be efficiently searched with filters.

Experienced experts

10+ years of expertise in production and consulting

We have been working successfully since 2009 to create audio productions that matter and get heard. We are happy to have earned the trust of publishing houses and ambitious self-publishers, for whom we have been able to produce hundreds of audio books and dramas, many of which have become bestsellers.

Our studios

Audio experts and sound designers with state-of-the-art infrastructure

Over 500sqm of studio space, state-of-the-art technology and a charming ambience ensure the highest quality standards and a productive recording experience. And if you can’t make it to Darmstadt we collaborate with many partner studios throughout Germany.

Free marketing advice and social media snippets

To fully explore the potential of the title, we offer self-publishers a free, on-demand marketing consultation for every production, as well as engaging video snippets optimized for Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Finding matches vs. endless scrolling : Easy casting from over 300 audio book voices.

No long lists, download links or web research: Our simple voice casting interface gives you all the information you need to decide which voice is perfect for your project, schedule and budget.

One contact for everything – around radio plays and audio books.

We create listening experiences in all genres

  • Novels & Biographies
  • Non-Fiction & E-Learning
  • Fantasy & Romance
  • Children & Teenagers
  • …and many more!

In just a few steps to the finished audio book:

1. Input & Consulting
We look at script, ideas and / or concept of the production advise you without obligation, how we could successfully implement the project.
2. Voice Casting & Offer
Based on this input, we put together a clear casting with suitable voices as well as an offer with a fixed price.
3. Director information
Before we start, we check the script again and clarify any open questions and wishes regarding pronunciation, voice direction and implementation.
4. Production
Now the project will be implemented exactly as agreed in our studios. We stay in touch to clarify any questions that arise directly.
5. Distribution
Upon completion, we will post the title to all relevant audiobook stores such as Audible, Thalia, Spotify and Bookbeat upon request.

Klangkantine Studios, a place with a feel-good atmosphere, where I was able to work intensively and with everything adapted to my needs. Not only to effectively produce a high quality product, but to be creative at the highest level.

Samuel Koch, actor and bestselling author

I was very happy to have worked with the team of Klangkantine Studios for the production of my audiobook – it was a great atmosphere in a great space with a great team, in which I felt very comfortable. As an engineer and voice director, Johannes is competent, professional and emphatic. Thanks!

Sven Plöger, meterologist on ARD, bestselling author

We are more than happy with the production – and the ideas for voices and sound design were absolutely wonderful! Thanks also for the professional handling – it was really rarely that easy to carry out such a project!

Michael Bursik, Content Strategist, Haufe Group

I very much enjoyed working with the professional and competent folks at Klangkantine Studios. The whole environment was just right and I was happy to be creatively working in a relaxed but focused atmosphere!

Hans-Joachim Heist (Gernot Hassknecht), ZDF Heute Show

We are here to bring content to your ears, head and heart.

Our team of audio experts and creative all-rounders listen, advise and support you from start to finish.

Team & Studios

Take a look at our studios in Darmstadt and get to know our team!

Any questions?

We have listed answers to common questions here. But feel free to contact us directly!


Professional partner for established companies and publishers.

Competent support in all steps around production and publishing – with fast production times and reliable quality management.

  • Fast and cost-efficient through modern workflows
  • Direct line to production and studios
  • In-house editing, adaptation and production
  • Individual consulting even for complex projects


Ambitious self-publishers: Our expertise for your success.

Our production and distribution services are the direct way to produce your audio book and bring it successfully to market. We are happy to advise you!

  • Simple and transparent processes
  • Sales without minimum term and 95% payout
  • Free marketing consulting and marketing assets
  • Quality at reasonable prices (no middlemen)

State-of-the-art infrastructure in a unique atmosphere

With excellent equipment, spacious premises and experienced sound engineers and producers, we provide the optimal setting.


Interested in cooperation or a non-binding conversation?

We look forward to learning more about your project and discussing how we can advise and support you in its implementation.

06151 – 860 25 71

Mainzer Str. 74
64293 Darmstadt

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    Frequently asked questions about audio book production:

      How much does an audio book production cost?

      Thanks to our many years of expertise, the use of in-house digital post-production infrastructure and a large throughput of audio book productions per year at our company, we are able to realize a high-quality product at quite a reasonable price.

      Costs vary depending on the number of words (even better characters incl. spaces) as well as selection and number of voices. All prices are based on final playing time and include casting, script check, quality control and post-production/mastering.

      If we have the opportunity to get an overview of the project/script, we can best advise how we could support and put together a proposal.

      What are the advantages of working with Klangkantine Studios?
      • Personal and expert advice without detours: Direct line to production staff and years of expertise in production of audio books and audio dramas.
      • Efficient and competitive pricing: Due to high production throughput and modern and perfectly aligned digital studio production processes and infrastructure.
      • Implementation of special requests and additional services such as proofreading, editorial support for the implementation of print scripts and sound design.
      • Highest quality standards: Tested, excellent sound quality and proof-listening by trained control room personnel according to the 6-ears principle.
      • Handling of the complete digital distribution: On request, placement in all online stores as well as consulting, support and preparation of billing.

      Is there a possibility to produce with dialect or foreign language voices?

      Yes, our pool has audio book voices in (almost) all German dialects as well as native speakers of several other languages, including English (US + UK), French, Italian and Turkish.

      What do I need to prepare and deliver?

      That depends entirely on how the collaboration is to proceed: In principle, a finished version of the script should be available. We offer an all-round service from editing to editorial support to the adaptation of print content for the audio version (references, diagrams, etc…) or are happy to work hand in hand.

      How long does the production of an audiobook take?

      We are very fast and efficient in handling audio book projects. The exact duration of the production depends mainly on the text length and the availability of the chosen voice. On average, we can say that a production can be completed in about 4 weeks. But more spontaneous runtimes are also possible!

    Frequently asked questions about audiobook distribution:

      Do you offer physical product distribution in addition to digital distribution?

      Currently we offer the distribution of audio products to all relevant digital platforms. We do not offer the distribution of audio or MP3 CDs, but we are happy to help with the preparation (e.g. by delivering press-ready DDP or ISO images) and production of physical products.

      Do I retain all rights to my audiobook?

      With the distribution agreement, only the rights are transferred to us that guarantee that we are allowed to offer the digital product in the common stores. Of course, we are only allowed to distribute products for which the rights holders have given us permission. This is exactly what the contract guarantees. Of course, the copyrights remain completely with you. In addition, there is no minimum term in the standard contracts, i.e. it can also be terminated at any time, e.g. to cooperate with another provider for distribution.

      Furthermore, our distribution contracts only concern the product in question and not other titles of the publisher or author.

      How long does it take for the audiobook to be available in the digital stores?

      After completion of the production, we recommend a release date approx. 4-6 weeks after upload and submission of all audio and metadata. This time period is required by all German audio book distributors to ensure that the product is safely available at all stores on release day and that there are no further delays.

      However, we are happy to guide you through the process right from the start and plan for all runtimes, revisions and releases. We are also happy to create a binding production and release schedule from the outset so that no disadvantages arise here.

      Can I also distribute my productions independently?

      Of course. The possibility that we take over the distribution is a service that we offer to our production customers as good as cost-neutral. Therefore, there is no commitment to our distribution channels and there is nothing to prevent you from distributing the production through other channels as well. We are also happy to arrange contracts directly with our distribution partners.