About us

Audio books and radio plays are our world.

We love stories, we love audio. Our years of experience help us use our passion and latest technologies to make stories audible.






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Year established

We are a team of full-blooded audio people and bookworms and have been passionate about turning stories into listening experiences since 2009. We use the latest technologies to focus on what matters: listening, hearing and creating sound experiences that reach the heart and mind.

Our studios: The latest digital technology meets analog warmth.

Even though we have a large network of vetted studio partners throughout Germany (and beyond), all the strands come together in our studios in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt/Main).

Here we have the ideal conditions to raise all productions to the highest technical level – and at the same time it offers an inspiring environment for us, our clients and of course speakers to work relaxed and creatively even over long periods of time.

Discover more listening experiences and services

Our audio books and radio plays are produced by the renowned Klangkantine Studios. Their strength comes into play in all areas of the audio world: As a full-service recording studio and audio agency for music, speech, podcast and sound design. Learn more about our passion for outstanding audio experiences:

The team

Chris Kling

Managing Director

Susanne Kanold

Studio Manager

Jana Praum

Project Manager,

Moritz Klug

Senior Audio Engineer,
Team Lead

Antonin Blank

Audio Engineer,
Voice Pool Manager

Mariella Kling

Distribution Manager,

Domenic Heyer

Product Owner,
Audio Engineer

Konstantin Kohl

Audio Engineer

Martyn Dhan-Weller

Audio Engineer

Romy Runkel

Junior Audio Engineer,

Ben Lütke

Audio Engineer,
Sound Designer

Joshua Königer

Audio Engineer,

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